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Application Management & Operation

As part of its Telecom Domain IT Services, PiA provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of a business or technical application, whatever the source of this application:  a homemade development, a solution delivered by PiA, or a third party supplier (CRM, billing, etc). Quality level is contractually defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which details the type of service, costs, incentives &penalties, timeframe for processes,

PiA provides business process support around the following:​​


  • Implementation of bug fixes, regardless of the source and patch

  • Adding functionality to existing applications - minor release implementation

  • Supporting major release changes, which will lead us in designing new interfaces to link the application with other components as the functional environment covered by the new release has evolved, as well upgrade some customization specific to client environment.  We also assist on data migration

  • Application retirement (e.g. driven by migration from one supplier to another). We reassess most of the analysis, process, and architecture, to ensure continuity in the service given to customers. In addition, we also review all the operational procedures

  • Operate Telco applications based on strict SLA

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