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ADM & Managed Services

Business after Digital Transformation​​

PiA ADM & Managed Services provides specialized Telco SW Development, Maintenance of Telco Applications and managed Operations for related domains combining efficiency, operational agility and added value to the services delivered.
Throughout services engagement, the goal is to continuously improve methodology, providing the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately based on real-time information. Our extensive knowledge on core competences helps identify innovative solutions, guaranteeing systems’ management and performance, as well as all the stages of the applications’ lifecycle. Due to our clients’ differences and specific needs, we have developed customized tools to improve KPIs and achieve business goals.

Benefits offered by PiA​​

  • Expertise on Core Telecom’s technological areas, mainly in BSS, OSS, NGIN and IPTV domains.

  • Continuous Delivery of our Customer’s demand on Application Development Services, providing an Integrated Service vision, with real time KPIs, reinforcing service transparency.

  • Our proven delivery methodologies, guaranteeing End-to-End Management with clear Communication and Governance processes.

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