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Pincentives is an engine for applying rule driven

  • Complex discounts

  • Cross promotions


  • Rules configured as part of campaigns decided by Operator‘s Marketing

  • No need for subscription info for implicit discounts

  • For explicitly targeted marketing segments, and account specific discount rules, account info must be provisioned into Pincentives


Easy to configure complex Rules

Validity: 2018 May to Jun 1

Rule: (actors contain (Bruce Willis) or 

actors contain (Denzel Washington) )

and genre EQUALS (Action)

and runtime LESS THAN (80min)

result 20% discount


Simple Discounts

% Percentage Off
X Amount Off

Free Units

Upto 3 within a week free

Complex Discounts

  • Fixed Price Multiple Items (3 for 30% off, 3 for 20 within a day)

  • Bundle Discount( X, Y, Z together 30% off)

  • Step Discount ( 1st 5 items free, 10% upto 10, 20% discount others with in a month

Flexible Assingment Models

  • Implicity assigned via rules & subscribed tariffs, bundles, packages​

  • Explicitly assigned by CRM and/or Campaign Management System for target accounts

Virtual Wallets

Virtual Wallets to collect

Money and Event

Coupon Code
Promotion Code Management

For giving complex
(rule based) Discounts


  • Increase profits & margins

  • Gain Competitive advantage 

  • Speed to Market for Campaigns

  • Omni-Channel Promotions/Discounts

  • Personalized Offers

  • Business Scalable and Flexible

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