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Digital Transformation Governance

PiA Digital Transformation Project Governance services facilitate the delivery of desired business outcomes and/or service commitments for our clients through effective planning and execution. Our teams use tried and tested tools and methods to initiate, plan, monitor and control complex deliveries.

Digital Transformation Project Governance for Telcos

PiA is a new generation Telecom IT Service company with native adaptation to Digital standards and technologies. We come from Operator business; excellent understanding of challenges and high demand on launching new product and services almost instantly while supporting large customer base and at the same time high quality standards and solution sustainability.

PiA’s digital project managers leverage digital know-how to help transforming companies into high-performance Telco Operators utilizing PiA Delivery Framework. Instead of traditional project management methodologies like waterfall, PiA embraces more flexible Agile methodology, where products are delivered in functional stages and collaboration among team members and customers is a core focus. With this approach, PiA is able to address high-paste, complex and extremely demanding project work. To support our approach, PMI reports that 71 percent of companies have already adopted Agile approaches, and Agile projects are 28 percent more successful than traditional projects.


Our Project Managers embrace quality control and continuous improvement philosophies such as Lean Six Sigma, where enhancements to a process are built into a “Define, Measure, Analyze, Control and Improve” phased approach.

Benefits offered by PiA​​

  • Efficiently defines, scopes and launches projects/programmes with clear business outcomes

  • Evaluates business cases to ensure value for money

  • Captures and assesses benefits to ensure project/programme objectives are realised

  • Tried and tested methodology for delivering programme and project management

  • Embeds governance models and processes to support effective decision making

  • Controls project scope, budget, time and quality to de-risk delivery

  • Identifies delivery risks and issues and proposes effective remedial action

  • Provides industry good practice to build project/programme management capability

  • Centralised tracking and reporting function ensures delivery progress is understood

Near-Shore Approach

Based on this, our approach is mix of on-site (customer premises) compared to total project staff is

depicted as below.
PiA’s approach to Digital Project Management keeps risk minimized and know-how widely available within project team as well us customer staff enabling more complete and cost effective solutions.  Each project team will utilize centralized expert team working near-shore.

dnext tablo 1.jpg

Benefits of Project Delivery mix

using PiA On-Site/Near-Shore Approach:​

  • ​Better Governance - You can talk to your project team - during the day

  • Better control - You can visit your project team, without flying forever

  • On-Site Presence - Key project team members consistently on-site

  • Cost Efficiency - Keeping manual work outside project premises reduces costs

  • Better Communication - Having only the ‘brain team’ on-site reduces communication problems within teams

  • Utilization of Best People - Having good people with travel restrictions work for the project

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