The Next BSS Digital

Customer Engagement

Platform by PiA

DNe t

What is DNext?

  • DNext is a Cloud-Native Digital Platform enabling rapid productization and delivering a digital customer experience.

  • DNext has following components: Catalog Driven Order Management, Identity & Access Management, Partner Backoffice Management, Centralized Product Catalog, OmniChannel Layer, Rule Engine, UFE E-Shop, Contact Center, API Manager & ESB

  • Based fully on open source technologies

  • Fully TMForum OpenAPI compliant

  • Everything is a Microservice & Everything is a Container

Cloud Native Digital Platform

DNext: State-of-the-art
Customer Engagement
Platform (first in its class)

DNext Pillars:
1) Flexibility
2) Speed
3) Cost Efficiency

  • No Backend application licences required

  • Minimized integration effort and availability of knowledge

  • Standardised availability of expertise

  • Easy operation

  • Ability to run applications anywhere public/private cloud

  • Device/Browser independent

  • Rapid Development Approach with optimization of process from idea to production

  • Higher flexibility and use


Scalable, Proven, Cost Efficent Open Source Backend System

Deliver Digital Customer Experience

Scalable, Proven, Cost Efficient Open Source Backend System

DNext is the next generation platform Using Open-Source technologies on top of microservice architecture. The platform consists of 9 loosely coupled layers. 


  • Based on open-source technologies

  • Compliant with TMFroum standards

  • Compliant with BPMN2.0 business process modeling

  • State-of-the-art Catalog Driven Order Management 

  • Single master centralized product catalog

  • System works on Openshift Cloud Platform

  • All UI Layers are fully responsive

  • CI/CD pipeline and design

  • Micro service based architecture

Fully Digital Journey

  • Product Catalog

  • Digital Partner & Back Office Management

  • Digital OmniChannel Layer

  • Digital Digital Catalog Driven Order Management

  • Digital Customer Management

  • Digital E-Shop (Market Place)

  • Digital Roadmap