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The Next BSS Digital

Customer Engagement

Platform by PiA

What is DNext?

  • DNext is a Cloud-Native Digital Platform enabling rapid productization and delivering a digital customer experience.

  • DNext has following components: Catalog Driven Order Management, Identity & Access Management, Partner Backoffice Management, Centralized Product Catalog, OmniChannel Layer, Rule Engine, UFE E-Shop, Contact Center, API Manager & ESB

  • Based fully on open source technologies

  • Fully TMForum OpenAPI compliant

  • Everything is a Microservice & Everything is a Container


Cloud Native Digital Platform

DNext: State-of-the-art
Customer Engagement
Platform (first in its class)

DNext Pillars:
1) Flexibility
2) Speed
3) Cost Efficiency

  • No Backend application licences required

  • Minimized integration effort and availability of knowledge

  • Standardised availability of expertise

  • Easy operation

  • Ability to run applications anywhere public/private cloud

  • Device/Browser independent

  • Rapid Development Approach with optimization of process from idea to production

  • Higher flexibility and use



Scalable, Proven, Cost Efficent Open Source Backend System

Deliver Digital Customer Experience

DNext is the next generation platform Using Open-Source technologies on top of microservice architecture. The platform consists of 9 loosely coupled layers. 


  • Based on open-source technologies

  • Compliant with TMFroum standards

  • Compliant with BPMN2.0 business process modeling

  • State-of-the-art Catalog Driven Order Management 

  • Single master centralized product catalog

  • System works on Openshift Cloud Platform

  • All UI Layers are fully responsive

  • CI/CD pipeline and design

  • Micro service based architecture

Fully Digital Journey

  • Product Catalog

  • Digital Partner & Back Office Management

  • Digital OmniChannel Layer

  • Digital Digital Catalog Driven Order Management

  • Digital Customer Management

  • Digital E-Shop (Market Place)

  • Digital Roadmap

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