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Secure Extensible
Collaboration Platform
for Enterprises & Public

What is Mergen?

Mergen is an extensible secure collaboration multi-platform tool that enables users to exchange instant messages, make voice/video calls and share files/documents securely over the Internet, by providing end-to-end encryption. It offers mobile client applications for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop client for Windows.


  • Centralized User Management Integration (LDAP/ActiveDirectory)

  • Multiple device support

  • No “main” device requirement

  • Full support for end2end enryption for all operations

  • Both File & Communication Collaboration platforms available in one application

  • Ability to transfer and share files in a chat session

  • Developer API for extensions

  • Microservices support

  • Deploy privately, talk in a federation


Client Applications; Web Browser such as IE Explorer, Firefox etc., native iOS application, native Android Application, Windows Client Application as Chrome based Web Application. 

Web Server Layer; Web Server/EJB & Servlet Container such as Tomcat, Web Services APIs based on REST or SOAP.

Back-End Services Layer; Back-end services are implemented as standalone multi-threaded applications compliant

Union of File & Communication Collaboration

  • File sharing

  • Peer2Peer & Group Messaging

  • Video/Voice calls & conferencing

  • End2End Secure Collaboration

  • Modular cryptographic algorithms

  • Secure conference calling

  • No backdoor of any kind - guaranteed

  • Secure authentication

  • Cloud or on-site deployment

Reports Ready

  • System Metrics/Dashboards

  • Counters (Messages/Calls)

  • App Logs

  • Message traffic

  • Call traffic

  • Quota management


  • >20 Dashboards with KPI/Troubleshoot/Metrics Views

  • >200 Panels

  • Support Android, iOS and Windows clients


  • Secure collaboration between employees of organizations

  • GSM core network not encrypted

  • Problems with popular communication tools (Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.)

  • Not to be trusted (NSA may influence vendors)

  • No control over crypto implementations (e.g. Whatsapp)

  • Solution: New localized collaboration software under full control of owner


Main Features

  • Communication Collaboration Environment (CCE) to send high-quality text, voice, video, document, picture and group messages.

  • File Collaboration Environment (FCE) to access and share files

  • Entitlements Server centralized management and access control

  • Multiple clients platforms: Android, iOS and desktop

  • End to End Encryption

  • Instant Messaging

  • Voice and Video Calls

  • Audio Messages

  • Attachments (doc, img, etc.)

  • Groups

  • Screenshot Blocking

  • Disappearing Messages

  • Built in App Lock Upload/Share

  • ​Access Right Control

  • Workgroup Feature

  • Announcement Channel

  • Broadcast File

  • Delete For Everyone

  • Multi-Device Support

  • Backup/Auto Backup

  • Private Storage

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