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Product Suit compose of 2 sister products. In essence it utilizes the power of SIM to serve in Telecom operators.


Reporting events & services quality

as is experienced by user with location info

in real-time even in idle mode

  • Independent of mobile OS

  • Get real experience&real data directly from the source mobile (SIM)

  • Location based events (GPS or Cell)

  • Can report even Idle Mode events/measurements

  • Any device with SIM (nonsmart mobiles, POS machines, M2M/IOT)

  • Free Drivetest without drive (anywhere-everywhere-anytime)


SIM-NETX will measure and report the “Real” Customer Experience directly from the Mobile SIM

  • Call Events

Drop Call, Call Setup Fail, HO Fail, CSFB Fail, CSFB Return Time, GPRS/EPS Attach Reject etc.

  • Configured Events​​

No Coverage, Low Signal Levels.

  • Measurements

Serving Cell, Neighbors, Signal Level (RxLev-CPICH_RSCP-RSRP), Signal  Quality (RxQual-CPICH_Ec/No-RSRQ) etc.


  • Data Anonymisation option for privacy without sacrifice data integrity

  • Detect Manual Changes on mobile performed by subscribers

  1. Discriminate Access Technology Change versus manual technology preference change by user

  2. VoWiFi/VoLTE enabled/disabled activity on the phone

  • Measure&Report the service provided to your subscriber on Roaming


SIM-COM is SIM based Coverage Monitoring tool to report no coverage events and coverage holes on heat maps

  • Report No Coverage Events

  • Report Signal Levels even in Idle Mode

  • Report Low Signal events even in Idle Mode

  • Service Coverage Quality perceived by real users 

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