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ITOPiA is developed as an Adaptive module plugin for Charging System to acquire, organize, analyze and visualize data for BSS/OSS operations. ITOPiA is already preconfigured & optimized for Charging System to minimize integration and initial configuration effort. ITOPiA can acquire live insights, provide factual recommendations and enable predictive maintenance with early alerts and/or automated actions.


Focus Dashboards

KPI and/or Troubleshooting purposed easy to
use oper for modification dashboards

Route Cause Analytics

Pinpoint issues in minutes with Time Machine
data playback and clear, intuitive dashboards

Log & Event Analytics

Automated analysis to identify abnormal behavior and filter out noise

Anomaly Alerting

Min/Max, Range, Threshold based real-time intuitive alerts/notifications


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  • Significant reduction in project integration time

  • Increase profits & margins

  • Gain competitive advantage

  • Improve decision making

  • Agility by fix problems fast and prevent recurrence

  • Easily pinpoint the root cause of issues

  • Stimulate employee engagement and collaboration

  • Reduce and prevent downtime

  • Avoid over provisioning or unnecessary spending

  • Anomaly detection

  • Ready & Configurable Dashboard Charts for Server Metrics at OS and/or Node Level

  • Ready & Configurable Dashboards Charts for App Logs/Counters

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