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Nexus of Evolutions and NextGen Application Delivery Approaches

(A PiA© White Paper)


Digital Business - the ways of conducting business is changing at an immense pace. Emerging new business models not only blur the digital and physical worlds, but also disrupt the ways we engage with customers, take orders and exchange requests. 

The Nexus of Forces - the convergence of mobile, social, cloud and information - has already become the platform for digital business. 

  • Really... who is the customer? a person? a virtual account with delegated access by Google? or an appliance?

  • How does nexus of forces impact enterprise applications? information exchange patterns? encoding of information? application interfaces? transport? service orientation?

  • Which layers of a typical enterprise application fracture and diminish by this earthquake? which new concepts flourish? Systems of Engagement? Systems of Aggregation? Systems of Records? Is expiry date reached for once upon cutting edge technology service oriented (SOA) and layered enterprise applications? Will multi-tiered applications survive? Or is the NEW enterprise application just merely suite of lightweight interacting services?

  • What about operations? How can applications automatically scale and self-deploy on a massive infrastructure? How can precise measures and operational analytics feedback be provided to this new way of working? Dev into Ops, Ops into Dev and treatment of infrastructure as code?

  • Is merely "keeping the bad guys out" security approach OK? Single-sign-on enough? How regulations (SOX, PCI and others) and fine-grained entitlements based authorization requirements impact application architectures?


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